2018 Project Orphans

Assalamu alaikum,

Many of you know since living here in Morocco for 4 years  I have wanted to start a project to work with orphans. I have spent time in various cities in Morocco visiting Orphans and Orphanages and I’m never happy with what I see.

Basic Info

Yes, Al hamdulillah there are Orphanages and some kind-hearted people are doing something for the Orphans but in reality it’s nothing like a home or a family. If you havent ever visited an Orphanage then I will give you a 2 second run down. Many are very nice and beautiful with big buildings that are actually the dorms ( Mix gender Orphanages but not mixed sleeping dorms) and gardens to walk from one building to another others are just some basic dorm style rooms ( single sex Orphanages) with an admin block an eatery and open ‘garden’ space.Inside the dorms or rooms no onee really has their own space or things and its very basic.

The reality is that orphan life is much like prison, they are told when to eat, sleep and shower they are allowed out for certain things only and at certain ages. Dont confuse this with normal life at home with parents, they are virtually stuck in a compound most of the time and I understand they can’t let young kids or teens just come and go whenever they please.

It pains me to say that they are under staff and many times don’t have the desire and drive to care for the orphans properly. If you visit a baby orphanage they are in cots or rocker chairs, rarely are they held or cuddled and mostly that is strangers ( tourists who don’t recieve any police checks) even for feeds. Feeding baby’s get a bottle propped in their mouth and then a nappy change if needed. For anyone who has kids or younger siblings you know how much time and effort a parent puts into a baby and does so willfully from their heart. Young kids aren’t treated any better they live more like a prison sentence then a life, taking whatever they are given but occasionally get outings to the beach etc.

The Reality

When I visited most orphanages I was sad mostly to see teen girls wearing clothes that I wouldn’t imagine young muslim women to ever own let alone wear. This is because sadly it is non Muslims who donate clothes when they come to Morocco. I was told by the worker there that some girls run off with boyfriends now because the clothing has given them certain attention ( it takes 2 in this feild but I understood she wasnt pleased with what teh girls worse as it isnt normal even for non practicing families to put their girls in such clothes, none the less they must accept and utilise what they can) I was sad to see the lack of islamic education and tarbiya most young girls, well actually every young girl I have met here has received from her mother, aunty or grandmother etc, these young women just didn’t have it. That showed me the female workers hadn’t been teaching these young women like they would teach their own children as they had been there since 3 to 5 years old and will stay there until they marry ( 18+ years old)

My Project 2018

My Project is to apply for islamic adoption as a guardian for orphans under 2 years old then complete the term of الرضاعة الطبيعية  InshaAllah, then raise them as my own children as part of our family so they will become mahram to each other. The goal isn’t to replace some lost feelings of wanting children or to be a mother nor is it to make these children my own, but to give them a home environment, love , care and education so they will mentally develop and form social skills as part of a family and society.

I have been searching for a piece of land so I may start this project  more officially although I have been delayed a lot due to finances and some other things.

Anyone who has any advice or can help financially please contact me as I will accept all the advice and help possible.

I ask Allah to make this project beneficial and succesful may He reward those involved and make a path easy for us to succeed Ameen

How Can You Help?

  • Dua
  • Financial donations
  • Spread the word
  • Donate clothing, toys, bedding

Contact me for more details.here

Go fund Me Link

 If you would like to donate towards our 2018 Orphans project please do so here with the reference Orphans 2018

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Account Number:15129893

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