French Pedophile Arrested In Morocco (Fez)

I’m so angry that I’m once again waking to such news. A french male tourist 58 years old was arrested for molesting 2 minors (girls). He admitted to drugging and raping them.

I read he basically blames the parents for what he did because the girls were made available to him.
No matter what country you are from or religion you follow I don’t believe any parent is stupid enough to allow a grown man who appears to have been a lone traveller stay with them in their residence and not be concerned about him around their young daughters. Yes, Morocco can be a little backward in time with few things and very trusting and loving to strangers kids but it in no way explains such carelessness of these parents and truly looks as if they accepted some extent of molestation knowingly.

No amount of money is worth your childs innocents. We need to be alert and educate others in this matter.
It looks like Fez is becoming popular for such people but they must know that they are not welcomed and the penalty for them if caught by family before the police could mean their life.

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