2018 Orphans Project – Land

Assalamu alaikum,

Many of you already know about my orphans project that has faced many road blocks alhamdulillah, since our last meeting we attended things are taking a more positive turn. The land we had looked at previously has now been sold subhan Allah so we are now once again out even in the snow and rain looking for another piece of land to see if the owner can take a down payment to hold it or even just hold it out of good faith until we can get together the rest of the money.

Please make dua for us as Allah is the best of those who help.







As we drove the winding roads battling car sickness and the cold I couldn’t help but to enjoy the amazing veiw of olive trees and date palms. I don’t recall ever seeing any place as beautiful as this, making dua in my head to Allah asking for help, asking to make this come true and give us tawfeeq.



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