Moroccans Dying From Cold


The brunt of winter has started just when everyone thought it would warm up. For a week we have witnessed snow in places that it hasn’t snowed for more than a decade. The smaller lower altitude mountains that I myself havent witnessed snowfall before have become painted white. The old cars that fill the streets show passengers rugged up in layers of clothes. The once hot desert has covered itself with snow while its occupants shiver the long, cold silent nights have become the dreaded reality at the end of the day. The sloshing of snow, the splashing of water and mud from the rain and the damp stained walls of houses, the locals inability to deal with such calamities has caused much distress to families. Among the reports of people being helped there are those that the help has come too late and have given into the cold weather. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raajioon.



Struggling to walk through the snow cold and unsure of what else to do, locals take videos and pictures hoping someone or anyone who is humane enough will help.

The young and the old, incapable of dealing with such extreme weather . Pictures appear like scenes from a movie although this is no movie, just poor people who the world has forgotten

Among those who are suffering yet smile in the face of the cold is the young girls who must travel outside for school and play. Some hope still sits in their little hearts as their feet plow through the snow wearing sandles.


Other young children that make you feel ashamed of your own self, without appropriate clothes or shoes. I ask everyone, what has this world come to?

Anyone who wants to help please contact me people are in need of


*Clothes, Jackets


*Money, mostly for medicine

*******lastly of course your prayers to ease their suffering *******


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