Mothers Abandon Their Baby’s In The Street.

This post contains graphic images of real babies that have been thrown away by their mothers!


I hesitated to write this because of how sensative the topic is. I decided to address it in any way even if just briefly is better then remaining silent.

Recently there has been an increase in the amount of newborn babies that have been found disgarded in the streets of Morocco from North of fes to the south of Marrakech. Why is this epidemic existing here in Morocco with a majority Muslim population ?

Truth be told just because people are Muslim or of any religious faith it doesn’t make them perfect. The influx of tourism to Morocco over the recent years and the unfortunate reality of poor families with daughters, we can draw a clear understanding in our minds of what is occurring


These tourists travel to a poor country and pay for sex often times they even know these young women are supporting their sick parents or siblings. There is a number of pregnancies that occurs outside of marriage from locals also but it’s less rampant as that boy would face the wrath of his and the girls family in most cases.


While some babies are discarded in public places or petrol station toilets some are also found wrapped in blankets at the mothers attempt someone will see them and find them.


No matter how bad the life of this woman with her baby after birth, no life deserves to be cut short because of shaming or hardship. We are aiming at funding a womans refuge for these young girls to get off the street. If that means finding charity donations for their families or her agreeing to reside and follow the strict rules of residence at the funding of donations it is all worth it if we can save at least the life of 1 baby and possibly the life of the mother.
One of the main reasons these babies are discarded this way in secret is so no one will know about the woman’s dealings, her family won’t accept her to raise a child outside of marriage and possible addiction to sex work for drugs.


There is a number of reasons but we can’t get to the bottom of it without international donations, help and increasing the locals understanding to ” circumstances.” I’m not advocating sex before marriage nor children out of wedlock that is the last problem here. The first issue to address is why these young girls and women are doing what they are doing and how to stop it.
Please contact me if you wish to help fund a family or young mother or are interested in finding an end to this unfortunate problem.



To help us in our project to find appropriate support and a home for these babies please support us.

Lets try to make this occur less often 

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