My Organic At Home Chickens

One of my most recent projects that has been so far very successful is my organic chickens. I purchased 20 organic chickens from a local breeder who has raised them on natural foods, medicine free etc.

My chicken run is cement floor with bamboo sheeted walls, chicken wire door with wooden frame. I also have chicken wire on half the roof and canvas on the other half so that they can be in some shade or even in the rain but it keeps out all the local cats too.



When I go to feed my lovely healthy chickens there is always a few who run out to explore and some who are more cautious and wait until almost everyone else has gone out first. Truly amazing to see that even these bird brains are different in their personalities


No matter how much food I give them, some always run around with a piece of green in their mouth thinking they are being chased but everyone else is too busy eating.


When all the food is eaten my roosters ( I have 2) decide to walk around and mate my females. I currently have 6 females laying eggs everyday and 3 who lay eggs every second or third day.



Every time I feed my chickens I check for eggs, usually they are perfect looking and clean but sometimes if there is only 2 or 3 they get defecated on by other chickens so wipe or wash them.


Usually a hen wont sit on her eggs until she has a good little bunch so I gather any stray eggs and put them together which causes my hens to become broody and sit on them. Once I have about 9 eggs in a box I wont add anymore. I gather eggs into 2 private boxes which usually end up with 10 to 11 eggs each and 2 broody hens. Then any other eggs laid into a box or I find elsewhere we just keep them to eat.

My red bucket is my compost heap which my chickens sit above and do their business into. When I clean their run I also put all the food and other waste into the bucket. My chickens then return to it and eat from it and scratch around.


My lovely rooster showing off how beautiful he is, he is the younger of the 2 roosters very relaxed and  nice with the hens



1 successful day of egg collection, I rinsed them before bringing them inside but will wash them again properly before putting them into the fridge.
My goal is to increase my number of chickens so we can distribute them as food to the poor in my locality.

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