Support Girls and Womens Education


Recently I have become more aware of how much women here are uneducated, granted the education system is very flawed as is apparent in my previous posts but many girls just simply drop out or their parents can’t afford for them to continue.

I have decided to teach in the form of private tutoring of basic Arabic and English including the Moroccan curriculum and an English curriculum inshaAllah

Many of these young girls get given homework and their own parents can’t even read to help them and they are taught things that their parents simply just didn’t learn, that aside the teachers usually just bark out demands and expect that kids will memorise what they have been told and then just understand how to do what is needed, basically no actual teaching is done.

Young girls and women ( boys too) are slapped in the face for answering wrong, for being late, for not completing their home work and even for simply just being slow at answering their teacher. The are called stupid, dumb, labelled a dog and other words that are highly inappropriate.

I didn’t realise how blessed I was growing up in the west with teachers that would encourage me to try again and think for myself, when I made a mistake they simply rubbed it out and handed my book back or explained things to me a different or more simple way.

Our teachers taught us how to understand what we needed to know in order to do our work so that we could learn to think and solve these complex matters on our own slowly increasing our knowledge.

I have some local support and parents who are desperate for help as they themselves can’t read and after years of their daughters being in school they also cant read any better than a 1st grader.

Here in Morocco most schooling is in Arabic then French but to learn a language like English especially from a native is a true blessing for these youngsters.

My plan is to teach these girls from poor families for free and those who can afford I will charge a small fee to cover total costs of books etc, also I want to encourage them by showing them they have the support of the international community behind them in their learning.

Anyone who wishes to help and support this please contact me




  1. It’s impressive what you’re doing. And I understand the hardships that come along with it, but the outcome is priceless. 🙂 Being a part of such endeavours myself, I really hope the girls are able to benefit from you immensely. Such efforts lay the foundation stone to changing an entire community in the years to come.

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    • Jazak Allah khair ukhti. I appreciate your comment so much. Sometimes it feels very daunting especially when starting new projects. Please spread the word so more people can atleast make dua. 🌷


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