The Life of a Widow in Morocco



My journey around Morocco, from city to city, mountain to shoreline has always had one thing in common. Poor people, poor widows and orphans that live such basic lives void of many normal every day things.

One particular woman I met who had 2 children was suffering from an ongoing lung infection as she wasn’t able to purchase medicine or see a Dr. Her kids all of whom she spoke with attentively and affectionately while they just sat around l=playing with sticks and drawing on the floor with their fingers. I watch her eyes swell and she choked back tears as she explains to me that she knows others live better than her and worse than her, that she accepts what Allah has given her of hardship and is grateful for what she has of ease etc. as she talks she coughs intermittently then gathers her breath to continue, she tells me her 2 greatest fears are, dying and having no one to care for her kids and the other that her children will hate her when they grow up and see how much things other kids had, the nice clothes and the plate full of food.

I ask you, yes you reading this post, when was the last time you actually felt hungry? when was the last time you had to sleep while your stomach was eating itself instead of food? when was the last time you got sick and had to live with a recurring illness because you couldn’t afford to see a Dr? I ask you, what do you think of these young children who had a happy normal life until their father passed away and they suddenly had nothing ? Do they not deserve to eat ? do they not deserve warm clothes and a blanket?

Many times I see big charities with millions of pounds coming in yet they can never seem to help these families who are suffering hunger, of ALL things no human should suffer hunger. After my pleas and constant requests to charities from back home and each one turning me down I have decided I myself will take the step to make this change.

If you know anyone who is able to help or wants to be involved please contact me and let me know. I can sit and watch children be hungry anymore.


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