Al Sabeel School Project


Al Sabeel is an institution based in Morocco that offers private tutoring (Inquire about fees here ) and also charity funded education.

We are a team of teachers who are committed to privately teaching the Arabic and English language to both children and adults. We are involved in charity work with the poor and have a tutoring program that is funded by donations to teach young children who can’t attend mainstream school for some reason or don’t have one local to them, we also have programs to tutor adults who are illiterate which increases their chances of finding work especially with learning a second language.

*We have male and female staff who teach in segregated settings.

*We offer lessons to children all the way to adults.

*We provide all learning materials for each ‘level’ of learning.

If you are interested in helping to fund this program or to learn from Al Sabeel please Contact Us for further details.





sabeeel insti.png

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