Womens Welfare Morocco


Women’s welfare centers in Morocco, I know you brain is shocked that they exist here. Actually they don’t, so yes your initial shock and disbelief was correct. I have published on social media here about recent news of baby’s being thrown away by their mothers or others close to her.

Unfortunately this was one of my most popular posts that brought a lot of outrage although I’m glad to see people are as shocked and appalled by this as I’m, I was sad to see everyone was happy to merely talk about it and shun the situation regardless of my constant requests for international support and help from charities and individuals.

*The Goal*

I have a goal, I want to make a womans welfare center. I want to establish a safe place for women to reside during pregnancy where they can receive medical checks and support if they aren’t receiving it from their families. A safe environment only with women to provide a judgment FREE zone, emotional support and education so she can make informed decisions and be able to support herself and her baby if she chooses to keep them. If she decides she doesn’t want to then we can help her to find appropriate accommodation for her baby either with a family who will foster them or in an orphanage.


For those who desire to verbally abuse these women I say to you, it is easy to do so without understanding the situation. Yes some of them really just aren’t the best of people yet others have their own mother rip their baby out of their arms and dump them in a rubbish bin, even though the girl wants to keep her baby but she can’t afford nappies or clothes. The situation is very heart breaking and the judgment of the international and local community is what instigate this kind of behaviour more.


There are orphanages here in Morocco but no foreign adoption is allowed due to some people who came here and broke the law for their own selfish reasons they have ruined the opportunities for other young children.


Orphanages are full and many children aren’t even cared for appropriately as they are understaffed and there is a lot of corruption. I have yet to see an orphanage that is educated in the psychology of children and provides the basic love and care to children that is needed for their mental development. This is why I would prefer to strive in supporting these young girls regardless of how they became pregnant and help them to keep their children. Many girls don’t know how to take their kids to the appropriate places or what to do, some even feel that to throw their baby away is better then to place them into a broken system. Many times girls have hidden their pregnancy from their mothers and family to the point no one even knows she had the baby. I really want to stop seeing these situations.

There is no love like a mothers love, there is a broken system that isn’t even close to functioning and beneficial for these baby’s and children so I call onto you, the international community lets share this call for help and provide the correct system and stability for these women and the next generation to make a change and be part of that and not be a different side part to the problem with our blame worthy words and criticism that doesn’t benefit anyone.

*What YOU Can Do*

Please contact me if you would like to help, donate, inquire about this project or forward people to us who are willing to help.

If you are in danger and need help or are pregnant and not sure what to do, you can also contact us or ajnabiyah@outlook.com

Due to privacy and safety we can’t disclose personal details of those who help young girls or of the girls themselves.


If you would like to know about our other projects please check them out below

*Privately funded education through Al Sabeel.

*Islamic education through a local madrassa that teaches girls and young women Quran, Arabic grammar, hadeeth, tajweed and fiqh

We also help with :

*Islamic education of young boys to complete memorisation of the Quran.

*Funding of foods, medicines and paying bills for poor families.

Thank you for reading and please share this page.


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