I recently decided to start a blog after the constant requests from friends to publish my life and thoughts. I moved to North Africa in 2014. I have experienced many things since living here from seeing poverty beyond comprehension to abuse for being a foreigner and everything in between.

My journey hasn’t been easy and i have decided to publish my good and bad times with the world. I haven’t ever been someone to open my private life or feelings to others even my close friends but have since decided to just be all out there and publish it all from when i was young, my conversion to Islam and life after that. bit by bit as many times i have heard that others struggle in similar life circumstances or are unaware of the reality of many peoples real life circumstances.

I hope not to offend anyone or to make anyone feel attacked this is simply a personal public life account. I will also post other peoples opinions and views including religious text. I may not always agree with posts to the full extent.

feel free to use the contact form or post a comment below my published articles.