Fruit Seller Arrested In Morocco



I’m often asked by many what is the living circumstances of the people in Morocco. I have many different stories I can tell you from the sad and horrific to the pleasant and everything in between.

This one story is of a young man who sells fruit for a living since he couldn’t secure any other permissbale work without being a drug dealer or theif. He chose to obey his Creator and work hard for a living to make ends meet. Yet you see the police decided since his work isn’t registered that they would confiscate his money, food and anything to do with his work and arrest him.


While you see people making claims to feed a family for a month for £20 I urge you to think for a moment. Families don’t need a month donation for some flour and oil they need a practical solution a sponsorship to provide a life for them and their children.

After living in morocco for 4 years I can tell you £20 doesn’t get you anywhere especially not a month, not even a week and these big claims made by people who have come here with sadaqah from others even fidya and zakah is appalling and very disguising. May Allah guide us Ameen. either they didn’t do their homework properly or they are knowingly using certain ‘TERMINOLOGY’

Morocco is one of the most expensive countries to live in even more so then Europe yet the common wage is less than 600 Dirham a week ( £50) and this is the middle class in a city. The cost of food for a single person or 2 adults and 1 child is on average 350 to 600 Dirham (£50) a week just for food. For a poor family who is use to living on very basic means it is 100 to 200 dirham (£20) per week.

So think again what £20 means to a family, what a mockery you are making of the poor ! so when these charities are showing you a bag of flour and some jam, lentils, chick peas, sugar and cooking oil they are either showing you flour for a month or less and some food for between but not food costs for the entire month as that would be between £120 to £200 for the month atleast. Mind you most families consist of more than 2 adults and 1 child and their expenses expand well beyond food. In Morocco an individual must pay for a Dr, medicine, electricity, rent, water and all other normal costs.

Think again and ask well before donating to these organisations with their BIG empty claims.

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