Grim Reality Of Violence – Teachers in Morocco

It’s no secret in Morocco, teachers hit the kids, abuse them verbally and physically. I’m not talking about old school whack on the knuckles or a ruler on the palm, I mean slaps to the face and more.

When it came to placing my own children into a school I at first was relaxed about it as I didn’t know to what extent this abuse was I just figured I would speak to them and allow them a stern understanding I’m not ok with it and all would be good. I was wrong , very very wrong.

The long story short, my kids have been in over 4 schools ranging from private and very expensive to the average school every kid goes to. I don’t see any difference in either their education nor in their conduct with children and their parents, Both failed miserably.

I was shouted at and had the desk in front of me slapped while the teacher was angry at me for mentioning my child being hit after I had clearly stated, don’t hit my kids. What could I do ? I just pulled my kids out. Yes, I know you think ok so Morocco is a 3rd world country everything is cheap. No it’s not, I mean, it’s a 3rd world country that has inflated prices on almost everything except bread and vegetables.

I’m in no way shocked to hear about the kids beating up their teachers ( one boy 17 years old was viewed punching his teacher and another teacher had her face cut with a knife) today seeing in Ourzazate that a teacher had acid thrown in his face. I see the utter disrespect on both sides of the spectrum, teachers shout and belittle their students while students have become so angry at being sent to a place that this person says the worst of things to them and they still are expected to sit there and ‘learn’. Now I’m not saying either is right or understandable but I see the teachers frustration with students who are rude and difficult, their parents don’t teach their children to respect their teacher and often times children do whatever they want and the parents wont deal with it. That aside there is no suspension or expulsion either, no after school detention …nothing.

One of my children ( Younger than 7) was picked  up by the throat, the other was called a liar and punched in the back. They received other hits to the back of the head, legs and arms.

what to do? the children have become angry and fed up with the abuse, the parents can’t do anything about it because they don’t have any steps or process to follow and the teachers can’t allow total disruption and disorder.

The system is so broken its a mess to try to fix ,sadly the people complain about it but wont do anything to fix it. I have no issue with what they teach  here but the teachers and I mean every teacher I met in a school my children got enrolled to or that I thought to enroll them, none know how to teach children or how to speak with any form of respect when hearing criticism or complaints.

My children became scared of the school and teachers, and as a parent I couldn’t send them to another school risking their emotional wellbeing not to mention safety.

For now my children are once again home schooled and are learning and thriving.

I pray for a day when our youth will be free to learn safely and experience the joy of being a child who makes mistakes and is corrected in a way that benefits his learning.


The picture is not my child, his name is Abdullah. He was abused by his 3rd grade arabic teacher. The original text is below.

هاد التلميذ (الطفل) الإسم ديالو عبد الله الحماوي تايقرا فالسنة الثالثة ابتدائي بمدرسة عمر بن عبد العزيز، اليوم فالعشية اضحك مع شي صاحبو وسط القسم…. والمعلمة نادية (معلمة اللغة العربية) عاقباتو بطريقة موحشة ومهينة أمام الزملاء ديالو فالقسم، بحيث أنها اضرباتو وطيحاتو للأرض واعفطات ليه على وجهو بصباطها تسببت ليه فهاد الفضيحة (حسب تصريح مرسل الصورة)…
الآن الوضع النفسي ديال الطفل متدهور جدا ومخلوع بزاف من هادشي لي وقع ليه ومن المرتقب تكون المضاعفات النفسية عليه خطيرة من هنا القدام…..
التلميذ عبد الله تايطلب منكم تنشروا هاد البوسط باش يوصل لوزارة التربية الوطنية باش يتفتح تحقيق فهادشي ويتنصف ويردو ليه الاعتبار ديالو….



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